Festival Schedule 2018

Thurs, May 31

Events will be held for this day only are held at the Thayne LDS church next to the community center.


Private Lessons - Organ (Parkinson) [assigned times 2pm-4:30pm]

Organ Workshop (R. Parkinson) 5-7pm

Conducting Basics Workshop (J. Arbizu) 7-8pm

Fri, Jun 1

All Events at Thayne Community Center

All rooms are available for open rehearsal from 12pm-1pm, and as designated "OPEN" on the room schedule.


Adjudication for Intermediate/Advanced (Colledge) [assigned times 8am-12pm] 

Piano Workshop (Colledge) 1-2pm

Adjudication for Elementary/Late Elementary (Colledge & guest) [assigned times 2pm-5pm]

Private Lessons [assigned times 5-6pm]


Voice Workshop (Pence) 9-10am

Private Lessons [assigned times 10am-12pm]

Adjudication (all levels) (Pence) [assigned times 1pm-6pm]


Adjudication (all levels) (Dr. Hansen) [assigned times 9am-12pm & 1pm-3pm]

Strings Workshop (all levels) (Hansen) 3-4pm

Private Lessons (Hansen) [assigned times 4pm-6pm]

Sat, Jun 2

All Events at Thayne Community Center

Teacher's Workshop (Colledge) 8-9am

Private Piano Lessons (Colledge) [assigned times 9am-12pm]

Private Strings Lessons (Dr. Hansen) [assigned times 9am-12pm]

Voice Master Class (Pence) 9-10am

Voice Private Lessons (Pence) [assigned times 10am-12pm]

Mon, Jun 4

Honors Concert    


Thayne Community Center          

**Selected students from adjudicated performances will be chosen to perform at this Honors Concert.  **Prizes and scholarships will be awarded at this concert (See PERFORMANCE NOTES for more details.)

*Schedule is Subject to Change

There's much information on this website, but if you have questions, please contact the festival committee at starvalleymusicfestival@gmail.com.

More information about the workshops and what they cover can be found here:  WORKSHOPS.